10 Fun facts about me

Hi my name is Stephen and in this page I will be telling you some fun facts about myself.

  • 1. I love legos and spent lots of my time building them in my finished basement.
  • 2. My favorite subject in school is math because I am really good at it
  • 3. Every year my family and some relatives and go to Ocean Isle Beach (OIB) North Carolina
  • 4. The top 3 favorite animals for me is that I want to have are Cats, Dogs, and a Hedgehog.
  • 5. I like tons of different food cultures like Chinese and Mexican.
  • 6. I live on the border Amanda Ohio and Laurelville Ohio
  • 7. My favorite thing to do is do fun things with my family like going to the movies or watching football.
  • 8. My favorite Restaurant to go to is Roosters.
  • 9. I play football and baseball.
  • 10. I love to play with my cats Voilet and Karl.
  • Hope you like these fun facts about me.
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