100 Word Challenge Week 11

The best form of transportation depends on where you live. Like if you live in the country it is probably best if you use a car and if you live in the city you can take the subway or ride a bike. One thing is certain though they all produce pollution. We need transportation to get to work but I think to cut down on pollution and carbon emissions there should be a law where every person in the U.S. should only be aloud to drive 1,800 miles a year but this varies depending on where you live. 

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About my school

I go to school at McDowell Middle School in Circleville Ohio and I am in 7th grade. We start school at 7:55 am and then we go to the 1st period which lasts until 8:47. That class for me is advanced math which is a little easy. Then we have 3 minutes when the bell rings to get to our next class. My next class in science is at 8:51am  which is really fun unlike previous years like elementary school. Then I go to ADV3 at 9:45 am which is Advanced ELA period 3 and we do all sorts of fun stuff like putting posts on our blogs just like this post. 

Then we go to lunch at 10:37 am and at lunch you can use your phone if you are bored. Lunch is different each day of the month so I will list my top three favorites: Number 1 Mashed potatoes with gravy and chicken, Number 2 Bacon cheeseburger with fries, and Number 3 Deluxe cheeseburger with fries. Then after 11:05 am I go to band, then at 11:39 am I go to Social studies which is the longest period of the day which is 1 hour and 1 minute long. 

Then after that I have Art which is fun. Then the last period of the day 7th period is guided study which is like a time to do homework and work on assignments personally I think guided study at the beginning of the day is good because if you forget a homework paper or something you can work on it then, or at the end of the day guided study when you know all your assignments and you can work on them then.

At my school they are currently building a new school so all K-12 grades can go there. They are building it on the high school and middle school campus and it will be done by the time I am in 9th grade we will go there for school. They are going to sell the elementary schools and the intermediate school so I hope you like today’s post and I will see you all next time.

100 word challenge 10

 This picture tells me that we need to take action and limit carbon emissions in our atmosphere. This plant has given us many things like medicine to help us live longer and cures for different diseases. People keep complaining about carbon emissions but not doing anything, but what we need to do is something about it!!! We need to put more government money on ocean exploration because there may be some answers like plants and animals down there that can solve the climate change problem. Overall we can’t annihilate carbon emissions but we can cut down on them. 

Image from 100 Word Challenge

100 word challenge Week 9

Climate Change is something we are all afraid of today. It is something we need to take notice urgently or the world as we know could be in great danger. The Energy industry commutes to the most greenhouse gas emissions with them commuting 76% of each year. If we do not do something soon scientists will put a code red into effect. Which means there will be more extreme weather events and will have to evacuate cities to prevent casualties. We have to take action now!

Ohio state game review 10/30/21.

I will be doing a Ohio State game review for the rest of the Ohio State Buckeyes  Football and what play was the coolest and how i think we did.  So the best play I think we did is when number 86 in the 4th quarter scooped fumble and he got a touchdown! Which I thought he ran really fast. Over all I think we did great in the game and Penn State played well but I think are defense could use some more practice and on offense we need to throw to our players not the other team.

Sorry to people that are not in the U.S. if you want to know what I am talking about just go to any search engine and look up Ohio State Buckeyes.

I created this image on https://drawisland.com/ so go check out there site to draw amazing drawing for any type of project or you can make images for home screens on phones or computers.