100 word challenge 10

 This picture tells me that we need to take action and limit carbon emissions in our atmosphere. This plant has given us many things like medicine to help us live longer and cures for different diseases. People keep complaining about carbon emissions but not doing anything, but what we need to do is something about it!!! We need to put more government money on ocean exploration because there may be some answers like plants and animals down there that can solve the climate change problem. Overall we can’t annihilate carbon emissions but we can cut down on them. 

Image from 100 Word Challenge

2 thoughts on “100 word challenge 10”

  1. Hello Stephen, I like how you have indicated that there needs to be some action and then provided some examples of what these actions might be. I think you have been able to suggest some urgency but at the same time present a reasoned argument. Well done.

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