The man who murders once a year

In the U.S. there is a man who murders someone once a year on the New years day. None has seen this man but every year his murders get more grusome.  This year the murder was decapitation and when the police found him his brains and eyeballs where gone. One cop on the sence said to his partener “It’s not like last year”. Just as he said that he saw a dark firgure fly by in the woods. To this day no one knows who he is and you never know you may be next? use this link to see other amazing storeis

2 thoughts on “The man who murders once a year”

  1. Oh, that is pretty gruesome! I think you used the challenge phrase well. To me, it indicated that the task ahead of the police was going to be even harder than last time. The “dark figure” set up even more intrigue. Well done.

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