week 21 word challenge

There were 2 freinds that were hiking together in the deserts in Sonoran desert in Arizona. These freinds loved the Arizona desert but on one of these trips one of them feel a sprained their ankle and his freinds used a shirt and some sticks to bandge his ankle and he used his hiking sticks as cruches and together they walked to their car to go to the nearest hosptial to get medical help. It shows never hike alone.


100wc challenge Week 19 …and the winner is…

Bill was competing in a marathon against his brother to see who was the best. Bill is now 17 miles in and he is right next to his brother and he say’s “Let’s just have fun okay. I do not care who wins.” His brother agrees so together they run the marathon. They are now 10 yards from the finish line and together they tie the marathon and the annoucer says “And the winner is Bill and Mack snyder.” So together they hold the trophy and get there picture taken. Check out more posts like this on the 100wc challenge website https://100wc.net/week19-22/#more-2791

The lost key 100wc challenge

Many walk by it but it every day but it always goes unnoticed untill one day a man picked it up and looked at what kind of key it was and it was the same and he said “Maybe it goes to the lock on one of the boxes my grandma gave me but she lost the key.” So he went home and tried it and it worked! In the box was all sorts of vauble items. That his grandma wanted him to have. It just shows pay attention to the little things.