100 word challenge Week 9

Climate Change is something we are all afraid of today. It is something we need to take notice urgently or the world as we know could be in great danger. The Energy industry commutes to the most greenhouse gas emissions with them commuting 76% of each year. If we do not do something soon scientists will put a code red into effect. Which means there will be more extreme weather events and will have to evacuate cities to prevent casualties. We have to take action now!

2 thoughts on “100 word challenge Week 9”

  1. Kia ora Stephen. A powerful message there! You’ve made great use of the prompt this week, well done. I am glad that COP26 is happening and that plans are being made to help save our planet. It sounds like you would agree with me! Keep up the super writing Stephen!

    1. Thank you I will try to post 1 time every week about a problem on our plant like climate change or pollution.

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